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Why Do You Need Blood Spill Kits?

[fa icon="calendar"] 9/29/16 4:25 PM / by Jill Tilton

What is the harm of a little bit of blood getting on the floor? There could be a lot of harm actually. Blood and all bodily fluids can carry blood borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. This is why you need a blood spill kit.

When you go into a hospital or a doctor’s office what do you notice almost immediately? Hopefully it is the cleanliness of the facility. Healthcare workers wear gloves, masks, wash their hands and disinfect surfaces after each patient is seen.

The problem with blood, is that even the smallest cut can produce a good amount of blood; especially if the patient is older or on blood thinners. Cue the spill kits to take care of any spills. It is a good investment, even if you are not a healthcare facility to have a blood spill kit on hand.

Did you know that being exposed to blood is a biohazard? Not many people are aware of this. Blood spills can happen in nearly any environment. Let’s set the scene in a high school gym during the fall when the children are in the football segment. Someone catches the ball right in the nose. This is where a spill kit can easily cleanup any blood from the student’s bloody nose.


No matter which environment that you are in, a blood spill kit is something that would be a good idea to have on hand for the “just in case scenario”. We cannot stress the fact enough that blood can be a contaminated substance that carries pathogens and germs.


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Jill Tilton

Written by Jill Tilton

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