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What You Need To Know Every Flu Season

[fa icon="calendar"] 5/3/18 10:00 AM / by Lindsey McCarthy

When it comes to the flu, it feels like the season never ends—or at least it gets longer and longer every year. And the flu virus is a tricky one: Scientists are never quite sure what strain is going to hit. Essentially, there are four different types of the flu this season that someone can get. Scientists do their best to create a vaccine that helps the most people, but especially those at risk such as children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

 However, there are year-round steps that you can take—but especially should follow during flu season—to minimize the risk of infection. For starters, know the vaccination requirements and follow them to the letter. That includes avoiding the nasal mist due to concerns about its effectiveness. Also, be sure to take care of yourself and your family. The easiest way of doing this is by using Safetec’s products such as the Instant Hand Sanitizer, SaniZide Pro Wipes, and SaniWash. People with the flu can spread the virus into the air around them just by breathing. A moderate complication of the flu would be a sinus or ear infection, whereas, pneumonia is a more severe complication.

The best protection from the flu would be to stay home and out of public spaces where people who are infected may be. This is especially important if you are the one that is affected. Our products kill widespread germs, preventing them from spreading to your family and friends.

What else do you need to know? This graphic explains it.


Tips and Updates You Should Know This Flu Season
"Tips and Updates You Should Know This Flu Season" on Health Perch

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Lindsey McCarthy

Written by Lindsey McCarthy