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What Is The Difference Between Red Z & Green-Z?

[fa icon="calendar"] 9/17/18 10:30 AM / by Safetec

Both Red Z and Green-Z solidify potentially infectious blood and body fluid spills. They are both fast-acting and easy to use, they both eliminate splashing by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass, and they both are cost effective cleanup solutions. To use these products wear appropriate protective clothing.

Sprinkle Green-Z/Red Z powder to surround the spill and then evenly distribute over it. Allow sufficient time for solidification to occur. Remove solidified material with scoop and scraper (or similar tool) and place in an appropriate container (*Dispose of infectious waste following all local, state and federal regulations.). Clean and disinfect contaminated areas after use and wash thoroughly.

Red ZThe main difference between Red Z and Green-Z is that Red Z contains chlorine making it best to deodorize spills and Green-Z does NOT contain chlorine making it safe to use on chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde, and mercury spills. Therefore, whichever one you choose to purchase depends on the environment that you wish to use it in.

For example, Red Z can be used anywhere where there are people, blood, and bodily spills may occur. We have buyers that are in Healthcare facilities, research centers, dentists /orthodontists, mortuaries, testing laboratories, etc.

Green-ZGreen-Z can also be included in these places such as hospitals, labs, and nursing homes. However, Green-Z is most effective when being used in situations or environments when the spill cleanup needs to be chlorine-free.

Another product that is similar to these two is Speedy Cleanz Fluid Clean-Up Solidifier. Speedy Cleanz® Fluid Absorbent is the economical alternative to Red Z®. Apply it to vomit or urine as well as other body fluid spills and watch it transform the liquid into an odorless, semi-solid mass. It's non-toxic, biodegradable properties make it environmentally friendly and easily disposable.

All three of these products are very useful in spill control and will keep you and the people around you safe when cleaning up any potentially infectious blood and bodily fluid spills.

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