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Stop Being Reactive To Infection Control

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/4/17 8:45 AM / by Jill Tilton

Think about it, healthcare is waiting for people to get sick (or hurt) and then provide treatment. This is so costly and ineffective; the sitting, waiting and being reactive to conditions that could have otherwise been prevented. 

Physiotherapist giving physical therapy to senior male patient in clinic.jpegInfection control is the same in many situations. Companies wait for an outbreak to happen and then they have to follow the chain of events back to the source, all while trying to contain the outbreak from reaching pandemic levels. 

Healthcare has begun to change the game by including wellness checks with patients to take a proactive approach to overall health. Utilizing this system many conditions can be either caught early, or lifestyle changes can be made in order to prevent a condition from happening. This is a cost effective solution that saves the bottom line year after year in healthcare costs.

How can your company take a proactive approach to infection control?

It is truly not that hard. A few policies and procedures may need to change among your staff to prevent the spread of infection. Invest in cleaning products such as disinfectants for high touch surfaces and be sure that rooms are equipped with hand soap or hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. 

A person's hands are the first line of defense. Your hands can make contact with germs on a hard surface, and then can enter into their system through eyes, mouth or nose and the infection can begin multiplying causing someone to become sick.

Help your employees chances of falling into poor health in the first place by providing simple meathods to control infection within your facility. Once you do this, you will see a positive effect on the bottom line and you will remove the reactive culture to infection control.

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Jill Tilton

Written by Jill Tilton

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