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Soap vs Sanitizer; What Should I Choose?

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/24/18 10:30 AM / by Safetec

In our current age, hygiene and disease awareness is at an all-time high. People now know that germs can quickly spread if they aren’t adequately controlled. A large part of infection control comes from hand care, in the form of sanitization and cleaning. However, it still isn’t common knowledge to know when soap and water will suffice, or if a strong sanitizer, like Safetec’s Hand Sanitizer, will be needed.

hand sanitizer and saniwashThe general rule from most healthcare professionals is to always choose to handwash over hand sanitizing if given the option. Washing your hands doesn’t only wash away germs, it also cleans your hands of dirt and oil. Antimicrobial soaps, like Safetec’s SaniWash, do a great job killing common germs and leave your skin clean and smooth. However, the downside with soap is generally user error. The incorrect washing of hands can cause soap to become much less effective. It is recommended that you wash your whole hands for at least ten seconds.

Hand Sanitizers are a great option to kill widespread germs if you don’t have access to traditional soap and water. These sanitizers kill 99.9% of common germs but do not clean your hand as soap does. Sanitizers are perfect for situations where making a bathroom trip is merely inconvenient or impossible. Hand sanitizers can also be used as an excellent back-up to hand soap. If dispensers are outside of bathrooms, one can reduce the risk of possible cross-contamination from door handles or paper towel dispensers.

Both hand soap and hand sanitizers are beneficial to the general populace, but if you have the option soap and water will clean your hands and rid them of widespread germs. Safetec’s SaniWash and Instant Hand Sanitizers are perfect for all your hand care needs.



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