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Should I use Soap and Water or Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean a Minor Wound?

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No matter the field that someone works in, it is prevalent for people to acquire some cuts or bruises throughout the day. These minor injuries could be just getting a paper cut on your hand or tripping and cutting your leg/foot. Although these are only small wounds that most people don’t pay too much attention to, is essential to clean them properly to prevent any infections from building.

Soap & Water

SaniWash Hand Soap for cleaning handsThe first step in this cleaning process would be to rinse the cut under cold water long enough to get out all of the dirt and debris that can prevent it from healing. During this step, soap should also be used to clean the skin around the cut to keep germs from entering. Safetec’s product Saniwash, which is an Antimicrobial hand soap, would be a wise thing to use because its use of PCMX helps to cleanse the skin and the added aloe vera in the product is suitable for keeping the skin moisturized. This is an important step to keep the wound from scabbing over, which prevents it from healing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Spray for cleaning minor wounds and injuriesAlthough soap and water can be used to clean a wound, Safetec’s Hydrogen Peroxide spray is an easy tool that can be used on the go if soap and water are not available. With this product, it is simply sprayed on the cut, which then makes the wound bubble out any dirt or bacteria that may cause infections. This is a painless, effective way of cleaning wounds and helping to keep your body protected.

In the end, no matter where you are or what you are doing it is always best to have some sort of first aid gear handy. A small cut or scrape, left untreated could lead to an infection. You will initially expect for your cut or scrape to look different for a few days. You may see redness, and have some pain. But if your symptoms become worse or you start to see your wound have smelly green puss that is a tell tale sign that an infection could be occuring. 

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