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SaniZide Pro vs SaniZide Plus

[fa icon="calendar"] 3/27/19 10:30 AM / by Safetec

Being able to disinfect surfaces is paramount in areas where dangerous diseases and substances are handled. If these surfaces aren’t correctly decontaminated, people can be seriously injured or even killed. Disinfecting isn’t a joke, so it is crucial your facility has a reliable disinfectant that can bear that burden. Safetec produces two high-quality disinfectants called SaniZide Pro and SaniZide Plus.

sanizide plusThe first, SaniZide Plus, come in two forms, wipe or spray bottle. This solution is effective against H1N1, HIV-1, MRSA, TB, E-Coli, VRE, Norovirus and more. Plus is Safetec’s older disinfectant and requires a ten minute dwell time to effectively neutralize the pathogens above, the exception being HIV-1 which is neutralized in two minutes. The benefit of SaniZide Plus is the lack of alcohol. The lack of alcohol does slow down disinfecting time but allows the product to be shipped and prevents corrosion caused by alcohol.

sanizide proThe second, SaniZide Pro, is our hospital grade disinfectant. This product is a hard hitter and is also available in wipe form or as a spray solution. SaniZide plus contains alcohol but is also non-corrosive and fragrance-free. Pro allows you to disinfect and deodorize a surface carrying H1N1, HIV-1, MRSA, TB, E-Coli, VRE, or Norovirus in only two minutes! You can use SaniZide Pro on any hard or soft non-porous surface that is usually treated with a disinfectant.

Now that you know the difference between our disinfectants it is essential to explain the kill claims found above. In order of a disinfectant to be effective, it must dwell on the surface for the allotted amount of time. So since SaniZide Pro has a two minute dwell time, the infected surface must remain wet from SaniZide Pro for two minutes for the germs to be adequately neutralized.

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Written by Safetec