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Safetec’s Ab-ZORB-ing Superstar

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Zorb & Super Barrier Zorb Sheets - Safetec of America Zorb & Super Barrier Zorb Sheets - Safetec of America
Is your company in desperate need to utilize or distribute an item that can help reduce the compliance risks with handling and shipping of infectious substances and/or dangerous goods? Safetec of America here when you need us. Have you seen our super absorbent Zorb Sheets? If not, here is a great introduction to them.


Many times when searching for a product to handle absorbing needs, it may be thick and bulky – and quite honestly, you wonder where to store them when not in use. You have to be compliant, of course, but it is tough when there just simply is no space in the warehouse for bulky bags or towels that “seem to do a good enough job”. With our Zorb Sheets – they are tissue thin!

How do they work?

Trying to rack your brain on how a tissue thin piece of paper can absorb liquids? The secret is all in the super absorbent polymers solidify and transform the contents into a semi-solid gel mass.  With the contents being in a gel – you do not have to worry about cleaning up and dripping all the way to the garbage across the warehouse or construction site. The granules have the unique ability to hold large amounts of fluid – even against pressure.

What industries do we work with?

The Zorb Sheets are so versatile and work with a variety of different settings. Our customers and distributors love them, because they are great space savers. In the healthcare setting they can be used with triple packaging systems, sharps containers, red bags, collection bags and kick buckets. They are also great for the lab setting. Our Zorb Sheets also work great in shipping facilities for packaging regulations and in Tattoo shops for ink containers, and many more industries as well!

We have this great video that you can watch with one of our Zorb Sheets in action (and it is under 30 seconds long!)

Ready to work with us? Click here to learn how to purchase or distribute our Zorb Sheets.

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Jill Tilton

Written by Jill Tilton

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