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Safetec Ebola Memorandum

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/4/14 12:00 AM / by Jill Tilton

As stated by the CDC, “there are no products with specific label claims against the Ebola virus.” However, Ebola is considered an enveloped virus similar to Influenza and HIV, so using a product that kills non-enveloped such as rotavirus and poliovirus is highly recommended to kill the enveloped viruses.
The Safetec® product line of SaniZide Plus® and SaniZide Pro® are demonstrated to be effective against numerous enveloped viruses and kill at least one of the common non-enveloped viruses (e.g. norovirus, rotavirus, and poliovirus). The CDC also advises that because non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants, a disinfectant with a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus is recommended at this time.

For a copy of the Safetec® Memorandum on Ebola please click below.

Safetec Ebola Memorandum

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Jill Tilton

Written by Jill Tilton

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