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Leveraging The Value Of Clean With Health

[fa icon="calendar"] 7/18/17 8:30 AM / by Jordan Weinstein

ISSA logoISSA is the worldwide cleaning industry association. Their Membership Outreach Manager, Hannah Kennedy, wants everyone to know why the value of cleaning is so important. ISSA's goal over the past couple of years was to change the way people view the cleaning industry by seeing it as something professional and worthwhile. Health, Sustainability, Productivity, Image Enhancement, Asset Management, and Safety are the six key areas that are measured to establish a company’s return on investment when it comes to cleaning. In the video “Leveraging The Value Of Clean,” Hannah Kennedy focuses mainly on the health aspect of cleaning.

 One big area that she says is affected by the value of cleaning is public health in the workplace. When cleaning isn’t up to standards, absenteeism with employees rises, which can cost a company about 225.8 billion dollars each year in lost productivity. Even if those employees are present, their work output each day decreases by 54%. Environmental health is another area Hannah Kennedy says is affected by the value of cleaning. The World Health Organization’s recent report links poor sanitation, contaminated water, and inadequate hygiene to the deaths of 1.7 million children worldwide.

There are approximately 99,000 HAI or health care acquired infectious deaths per year that could have been preventable. By facility care professionals and doctors/nurses working together, they can establish the best practices to reduce even the most common HAI by 70%. Through data mining and understanding what has happened and what needs to occur to fix the situation, we hope to convince decision makers about the important of sustaining a clean environment.
This is why Safetec of America manufactures some of the best supplies to keep both health care facilities and employees safe. Safetec offers lines of products that help control the spread of infection, like hand sanitizer and disinfectants, as well as products that provide personal comfort. We are doing our best, to help keep people safe, with quality products to be used in any environment.


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Jordan Weinstein

Written by Jordan Weinstein