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How Important Is Hand Washing During Flu Season?

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Only 5% of people wash their hands correctly

Flu season is here, and with it comes people who are unaware that their hand hygiene habits may not protect them from the influenza virus. This year the virus has been extraordinarily volatile, and deaths have increased by 65%. So far, there have been a reported 9.7 million people infected with a strain of uncommon Influenza B, a reported 87,000 have been hospitalized, and 4,800 have died. The strain is usually most common in children ages 0-4, and it hits them the hardest. Nevertheless, this year Influenza B is prevalent in most other age groups. According to the CDC, the hospitalization rate is 14.6 per 100,000 people. This strain of flu is unusual this time of year and a mismatch for the strains protected by the influenza vaccine. The CDC says that if a child is exposed to the current Victoria/B strain, there is only a 58% chance the vaccine will be effective. Hence, with a sub-par vaccine, it is crucial to maintain proper infection control techniques to minimize your risk of infection. 

The most important skill to perfect this flu season is the proper hand washing technique. Did you know that washing your hands correctly can prevent unwitting infection from the flu? Experts say that only five percent of people correctly wash their hands, and this makes it much easier to spread disease. To properly wash your hands, you should wet your hands before applying soap and scrub soap vigorously for at least twenty seconds. Using an antimicrobial soap like Safetec’s SaniWash with proper techniques will help prevent the spread of the flu. However, if the soap is not easily accessible, using a hand sanitizer will also eliminate the influenza virus. Finally, to ensure your workplace or home is flu-free, a broad-spectrum disinfectant like SaniZide Pro 1 can be used. This disinfectant kills forty-eight microorganisms within a minute of use. The flu doesn’t stand a chance against Pro 1, and it can be used on most hard, non-porous surfaces. 

Your Defense Against RSVSafetec’s SaniWash, Instant Hand Sanitizer, and SaniZide Pro 1 Disinfectant will keep your home or office flu-free during this harsh season. For more information about our products, give us a call at 1(800)456-7077 or (716)895-1822 or visit our website  



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