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Is the Flu Contagious Through the Air?

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The flu virus is known to spread through coughing, sneezing, and touching surfaces. But new research from the University of Maryland in College Park shows something new. People with the flu can spread the virus into the air around them just by breathing. Their research shows those who are infected with the virus generate tiny droplets that stay suspended within the air for a long time. This is true even when they aren't coughing or sneezing and happens the most within the first few days of illness.

the flu is contagious through the airThe University's research included 142 confirmed cases of people with influenza. The students who participated had to breathe, talk, cough, and sneeze into the "Gesundheit II machine" to collect the data. Approximately 50 percent of the collected samples did not come from coughing. Also, the few sneezes that they were able to observe suggested that sneezing does not make a significant contribution to the influenza virus shedding within the air.

Within the U.S., the number of people who have caught the flu every year since 2010 spans from 9.2 million to 35.6 million people. Those who have been hospitalized range between 140,000 and 710,000, as those who have died range between 12,000 and 56,000.

The best protection from the flu would be to stay home and out of public spaces where people who are infected may be. This is especially important if you are the one that is infected.

What is the life cycle of the flu?

One of the most crucial questions that will pop up in everyone's mind is; when is the moment someone
is contagious with the flu? Most healthy adults may be able to infect other people beginning one day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick.

Children are a bit of a different circumstance here, because they can actually pass the virus for longer than seven days. Symptoms start 1 to 4 days after the virus enters the body. That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick. Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms. During this time, those persons may still spread the virus to others.

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How can Safetec Help?

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One Final Note

Once you touch an infected object; if you touch your mouth or face within 15 minutes – you have the risk of getting the flu virus in your system.

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