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How To Prevent Illness in Schools

[fa icon="calendar"] 8/22/18 10:30 AM / by Lindsey McCarthy

There are a couple of different strategies we can take to keep students and teachers healthy during the school year. These strategies may include frequent hand washing, proper vaccination, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are commonly touched by everyone. By staying healthy, you are staying productive and engaged throughout the school year.

Cute pupils smiling at camera in the school bus outside the elementary schoolInjury and illness are one of the most common reasons children of the age 5-17 missed three or more school days this past year. That is 40 percent of children according to the CDC. Due to colds alone, 22 million school days a missed each year; however, 38 million school days were missed due to the flu.

There are many actions the administration can take to prevent the spread of germs in school. It is important to ask students and staff to stay home when they are sick and encourage them to seek medical attention when it is necessary. It is also suggested to have a daily reminder about the spread of germs and illnesses and ways to prevent them.

Everyone should carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes with them. Safetec of America, Inc. manufactures both of these products, Instant Hand Sanitizer (fresh and citrus scent) and p.a.w.s. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes. We also have SaniWash Antimicrobial Hand Soap to kill widespread germs. These products contain Aloe Vera, leaving the hands feeling smooth after using the product. It is also recommended that administration disinfect classroom materials and surfaces. Safetec’s SaniZide Plus and Pro both come in sprays and wipes.

These products can disinfect any surface within minutes. It is also encouraged to adopt healthy practices and use of standard precautions while handling body fluids and excretions. Safetec’s Red and Green Z Spill Control Solidifiers can be used in any facility to help clean up blood and body fluid spills properly to prevent the spread of potentially infectious material. Parents can help their children stay healthy by keeping them home when they are ill to get rest, teaching your children to wash their hands effectively and to give them tissues and wipes to take to school with them.

Let Safetec of America, Inc. help you, whether you are a school administrator or a parent.



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