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How Can I Stay Healthy If I Don’t Get The Flu Shot?

[fa icon="calendar"] 8/22/17 8:00 AM / by Jill Tilton

Flu Shot SyringeAlthough most doctors recommend that everyone must get the flu vaccination, that is not always the case. In a study completed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 40% of people in the United States get the flu shot. Even if someone doesn’t get the vaccine every year, there are plenty of other ways to protect yourself from catching the virus.

One way the CDC advises that people can help stop themselves from catching the flu is by covering your mouth when you cough. Another solution is to wash your hands constantly throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs from one person to another. Doing these steps though, aren’t enough especially if you are in a situation where you can’t wash your hands. By using Safetec’s Hand Sanitizer or p.a.w.s. Wipes you can carry top-notch protection everywhere you go.

Another way that people can help themselves if they don’t receive the flu shot is to always be on guard. Most people just brush it off when they have a little cough or feel drowsy, but by going to the doctors right away, people can possibly stop the virus before more symptoms come along. Doctors can prescribe people Antiviral drugs that will treat the flu in kids and adults and hopefully make the recovery time shorter. The real trick to the flu season is to just be prepared for the worst. Having good hygiene and looking out for germy surfaces can stop the flu from being brought on.

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Jill Tilton

Written by Jill Tilton

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