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Give Your Customers The Personal Care They Need

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/4/18 8:45 AM / by Lindsey McCarthy

Safetec’s Personal Care Kit is perfect for any occasion. It does not matter who your customers are; everyone can benefit from this kit. If you are a healthcare or dental office, this would be the perfect gift to say, “Thank you” and “We care about you.” This is also the ideal product to promote your business. These kits can be personalized with your logo and slogan as long as it fits within the template. (Contact us for details on our private label process for these promotional kits).

Personal Care Kit.jpgOne of the best feelings is knowing that there is someone that puts your health and well being first. By giving your customers one of these kits, that is what you are telling them without coming right out and saying it. It is small enough to keep in a bag or the door of a car for those minor scrapes and dirty surfaces.

This kit is perfect to give your customers during this year’s severe flu season. It contains hand sanitizer, p.a.w.s. wipe, antiseptic wipe and many other products to keep them clear of most germs. This kit is also perfect to give your patients at a dental office. Sometimes the dentist can be painful, but the Personal Care Kit has oral pain relief and lip balm to help with any side effects after leaving the dentist's chair.

No matter the circumstance, this is the perfect kit to carry with you. It has products for whatever personal needs that may come up. You can find our kits right on our website and on Amazon. Don’t let your customers go anywhere without it. 

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Lindsey McCarthy

Written by Lindsey McCarthy