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For Blood Spills - Use A Universal Precautions Kit

[fa icon="calendar"] 7/5/18 10:00 AM / by Lindsey McCarthy

Accidents happen. We all know that, but what we don’t know is if someone’s blood is infected with a dangerous disease. Diseased blood looks the same as healthy blood, which is why we need to be extra careful when it comes to handling it. There is no place that we can say accidents happen the most. Accidents happen in the office, at school, on an airplane, a cruise ship, etc., and you can never be over-prepared for a blood spill.

Dangerous accident in warehouse during work - wounded workerChildren seem to get bloody noses the most, whether it is because they are fighting with their siblings or during a sporting event. Depending on how severe the bleeding nose is and if it was caught in time, there might be quite the mess to clean up. Accidents can also happen in the office. Someone’s finger might get caught in a door and break open. Maybe someone used a box cutter the wrong way. Mistakes happen all the time in places we don’t often correlate with danger.

Cruise ships and airplanes are places we need to be extra careful if there is a blood spill. These are places that you can’t get out of very quickly if you wanted to. If you were on a cruise, at least you are able to go to another part of the ship to get away from the spill, but that isn’t quite the case when it comes to an airplane. Being in a place with so many strangers, it is essential to keep your health in mind and be very cautious with blood spills, or any bodily fluid spill for that matter.

It is important to treat all blood spills as if they were infectious. The Universal Precaution Compliance Kit that Safetec of America manufactures will help you greatly reduce the infectious risk factors we face every day from improper body-fluid spill clean up.  This kit contains safety items such as gloves, apron, and mask/safety shield. The infection control products within the kit are SaniZide Pro Germicidal wipe, Red Z solidifier, and p.a.w.s. Antimicrobial Hand Wipe. The kit comes with instructions on how to properly clean the spill and the proper biohazard disposal items. Always having this kit readily available for any bodily fluid spills can prevent the spread of dangerous infections.

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Lindsey McCarthy

Written by Lindsey McCarthy