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Everyday Items You Should Wash Your Hands After Touching

[fa icon="calendar"] 8/21/19 10:30 AM / by Safetec

Washing your hands with soap and water is something many people may overlook throughout the day unless using a restroom or your hands are visibly dirty. Many things we will come in contact with are covered with all types of germs that could potentially be harmful to us and get us sick. Some of these are common sense that they would be covered with these germs, but we still choose to not wash our hands after using them oftentimes.

Male washing hands in sink.Money is an important one to remember to wash our hands after contacting since there is no way of knowing how many dangerous microorganisms are on them. Hundreds of microorganisms can be found on any single dollar bill you encounter and could cause you to get sick if you do not wash your hands after handling that bill.

Other objects which we should wash our hands after contacting are handrails, handles, or doorknobs, especially ones which are in public places. These can be loaded with microorganisms if they do not get properly cleaned regularly. Restaurant menus are another spot that many people do not consider for being potentially loaded with dangerous bacteria that could get us sick.

People go to doctor’s offices because they are sick and want to get better usually. What most people do not consider is how many harmful microorganisms are in a doctor's office, which we can easily pick up if we do not wash our hands promptly. The sign-in pen at the front desk is touched by nearly every person who enters the office, sick or healthy, and is not often considered when thinking about what could get us sick.

According to the FAA, roughly 2.6 million people are airline passengers every day, and every one of those people must go through an airport, which can cause them to have a lot of potentially harmful microbes. This can cause many unwanted microorganisms to be found in airports, which is the reason for when you are in an airport, you should frequently be washing your hands.

Any type of animals, including house pets, can be carrying many microorganisms which could be harmful to us, so it is essential that we wash our hands after contacting any pets or other types of animals.

In the 21st century, with technology all around us, touchscreens are common for people to be interacting with and can be a common place to find harmful microorganisms. By washing your hands after using any touchscreens that aren't your personal touchscreen can help to prevent any potential illnesses.

Lastly, another place harmful microorganisms are commonly found that we do not often consider is on sponges and cutting boards. Sponges used to clean various things can collect and absorb these microorganisms, which could get you sick. Cutting boards come in contact with many types of foods and can sometimes be used with raw meat which could leave behind harmful bacteria that you could pick up next time you handle the cutting board if you do not properly wash your hands.

All of these different objects may not be well thought of for having large numbers of microorganisms even though they contain some of the more considerable amounts of microorganisms for objects we come into contact with frequently. It is essential with each of these objects or locations mentioned that you are washing your hands after contacting because of the many potentially harmful microorganisms found on them to help keep you and other people you come in contact with safe.

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Written by Safetec