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Burn Treatment Guide

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A burn can happen nearly anywhere. If you are laying out in the sun around the pool, cooking at the stove or grill, or changing a lightbulb in the bedroom. Here is our quick guide on how to identify and then treat a burn using Safetec products.


Once the pain of a burn strikes, you should identify the type of burn that you have. There are three classifications for burns:

First Degree – this is the least serious type that only affects the outer layer of the skin. The skin may swell and turn red. They can generally be treated as a minor burn as long as the majority of the hand, feet, face, genitals or buttocks are affected; or if it is a major joint. If any of these instances apply to your burn, you may need to go to the Emergency Room for additional help.

Second Degree – these burns affect the outer and second layer of skin. You can expect this burn to be rather painful and cause redness, swelling and blistering of the skin. If the burn is not larger than 3”, then it can be treated as a minor burn. If the burned area is larger than this or in the areas mentioned above in the first degree burn section, you should seek medical help immediately.

Third Degree – these are burns the affect the deeper tissues in the body, like muscles. With this type of burn you may notice white or blackened, charred skin. If you believe that you are suffering from a third degree burn, you should call 911 and seek emergency medical help immediately.

Burn Treatment

If you have a first or second degree burn that can be treated as a minor burn (and the skin is unbroken) you should attempt to cool the burn by running cold tap water over the burn for at least five minutes. It is important to mention that you should not use ice or ice water. A clean, wet cloth can be used to help reduce the pain. 

First Aid & Burn Cream

Next, cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage. Make sure to wrap the burn loosely to avoid too much pressure on the burned skin and change this dressing daily. You may use a soothing lotion or burn cream once the skin has cooled.

Remember once you have treated your burn, whether you have a first or second degree minor burn; or a second or third degree burn where you needed to seek medical attention, always look for signs of infection.

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