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Always Be Prepared For Unexpected Pain

[fa icon="calendar"] 1/2/20 10:30 AM / by Safetec

Bang! How many times have you experienced the sensation of pain shooting through your body after stubbing your toe, burning your fingers, or a hard workout? If you are like most people, your immediate reaction is likely to rub the afflicted area to reduce the painful sensations that are coursing through your body. The reason we rub injured areas is due to a concept called Gate Control Theory.  

The theory asserts that when a stimulus occurs, transmission cells convey to the brain that we should feel a painful sensation; however, if another sensation acts before the receptor cells transmit pain to the brain, the feeling can be stopped. Consider the example of a dog attempting to chase a squirrel. If your yard does not have a fence, the dog is free to leave your yard and chase the squirrel, but if your yard is fenced in, the dog will be contained and will not be able to pursue the squirrel. Now, if we apply this to pain, it makes a bit more sense. If your muscles ache from a strenuous workout, they are sending messages to your brain and telling it that you are sore. Those signals can be interrupted using oral medications, topical analgesics that generate an artificial cooling sensation, or ice. Consider the topical analgesic; if your bicep is sore and you rub a menthol ointment into the tissue, your brain will now receive the cooling sensation as opposed to the painful sensation, effectively closing a gate on the pain receptors.  

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