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A Wipe For Every Screen And Device

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/25/18 9:00 AM / by Lindsey McCarthy

Safetec of America, Inc. is launching a new product, the Device Wipe. This pre-moistened wipe was designed to sanitize those objects that we use the most, such as your phone, television, computer, tablet, remote, and much more. This wipe can be used on touchscreen, glass, and plastic surfaces leaving a streak-free and lint-free surface.

Safetec Device WipeWith how advanced technology has become, we slowly see norms changing. There used to always be a magazine or newspaper in our bathrooms at home. Now, the trend is your smartphone. Whether it’s to keep you company or keep track of your time in the morning while you get ready, our phones somehow find a way to the bathroom, especially public restrooms. Personally, I know I take my phone with me whenever I go somewhere alone in case there is an emergency, which includes restrooms.

How often do you go out to eat at a restaurant and see children playing on their parent's phone or tablet? Not only are they in a public space with lots of germs, but also they are playing with the tablet while eating their bread with butter. Greasy fingers are getting all over the screen, most likely making you not to want to touch it. The Safetec Device Wipe will clean off the grease and fingerprints from the screen making it look almost brand new.

With technology evolving, one of the most common new fads is the touchscreen laptop. The computer can be used as a tablet or as a computer, creating two products in one, which can also mean twice the amount dirt and smudges. Having the Device Wipe readily available can save you from those embarrassing smudges when you are in a critical meeting for work. People are judged by everything these days, so by having a clean computer screen can show your boss and coworkers how neat and organized you are.

How often do you go home after a long day of work and crash on the couch with your favorite snack in front of the TV?  Or take a sick day from work and lay on the couch all day watching TV? This most likely happens more often than we realize. Sometimes we forget to clean and sanitize the objects that we use the most, such as the remote. The Device Wipe will safely clean and refresh your remote to get rid of the stickiness or greasiness.

There was a study conducted at the University of California that collected the grit and grime from cell phones to analyze a person’s molecular lifestyle. It turns out, traces of food, chemicals, medications and many other things can be collected from our phones to show what kind of lifestyle we hold. With the method called mass spectrometry, researchers were able to tell who drinks coffee, who takes a specific medication, and what types of makeup and skin care products people use. Cell phones even carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats according to scientists at the University of Arizona.

Safetec’s Device Wipe can easily fit anywhere from your purse, to your wallet or pocket. This wipe will safely clean and sanitize any device you choose without saturating it with liquid. Cleaning your devices is an easy way to keep your health in check.

Our question for you is: how often do you clean your device?



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