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28,000 Confirmed Cases of Wuhan Coronavirus - How To Reduce The Spread Now

[fa icon="calendar"] 2/6/20 2:00 PM / by Safetec

With the number of confirmed cases rising to over 28,000, the outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus continues to be a topic of grave concern around the world. In the United States alone, cases have doubled in just one week, going from five to eleven confirmed cases. 

Leaders around the world are taking measures to help reduce the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus to its native populations. In Hong Kong, officials are receiving pressure to close off all borders but have resisted, sighting this as “discriminatory and not in line with World Health Organization guidelines.” However, Hong Kong has closed off all but three borders to reduce the number of entries from mainland China and is the first country to enact a 14-day quarantine for individuals arriving from the mainland. Some countries have gone as far as temporarily denying entry to any individual that has traveled to China in the last two weeks. 

Unites States citizens are being airlifted out of China for the second time since the start of the outbreak. Upon arrival, the passengers are closely monitored at a secure military base to ensure they have not been exposed to the Wuhan Coronavirus. As the situation continues to evolve, government officials continue to work with personnel abroad to bring this outbreak to an end. 

With the death toll over 560 people, it is crucial now more than ever to ensure you are equipped with the necessary items, as well as taking the appropriate preventative measures. Safetec of America offers a variety of products to help combat the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The EPA has noted Safetec’s SaniZide Pro 1 surface disinfectant as effective against the Wuhan Coronavirus in one minute and works on all hard surfaces (per EPA guidelines for claiming efficacy on Emerging Viral Pathogens and the EPA Accepted master label for this product).

The EZ-Personal Protection Kit is a pandemic and infection control product perfect for emergency medical vehicles, emergency rooms, clinics, or anywhere personal protective equipment is found. Properly washing your hands using  SaniWash Antimicrobial Hand Soap, which meets APIC, CDC, and OSHA standards or using our p.a.w.s. antimicrobial hand wipes perfect for when you’re on the go can help stop the spread of widespread germs.  




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